Chef Ben


Please join us to Feed the Helpers movement

April 27, 2020

I am the founder of Sipipa (Sicily Pizza & Pasta) in Houston, I started this business in early 1990. After the Covid-19 Stay Home Order was announced, my restaurant started losing business like all other restaurants.  I had put almost 30 years of my life into creating an authentic pizzeria and now I was facing crises. I was trying my hardest to keep the doors open and the make it possible for employees to come to work. Sales, however, were not nearly close to the amount needed to cover the expenses. I was about to close Sipipa down when a good friend of mine introduced me to a movement in New York City which had helped the restaurant to save its employees jobs and helping the community by sending free meals to hospitals.

feedthehelpersThe idea of feeding the helpers of COVID-19 frontlines and saving the jobs of many of my workers sounded great. I started the project by sending 100 meals to one of the hospitals and tested the idea. Soon, the same friend helped me set up the website for Feed the Helpers.

Feed the Helpers was born to help the community-fighting Coronavirus and save the restaurant’s employees jobs. The wheels of Sipipa were in the move again. The cooks who had worked with me for more than 25 years were back to work full time. The special menu was designed to be produced in volume and to be sent out to those who were fighting the evil virus for others. With the generosity of good people of Houston, I hope to be able to send out meals to many hospitals, fire and police stations, and supermarkets.



To join the movement please visit the