Gift Exchange Ideas


Gift Exchange Ideas

December 17, 2018

Top Gift Exchange Ideas

Between children, significant others, work parties, family gatherings and get-togethers with friends, you may have several people to buy for on your list. And chances are you’ll attend at least one gift exchange this year. Sometimes, these exchange gifts can seem like the hardest to buy, especially if you don’t have a wish list, don’t know the recipient well or if it’s a “White Elephant” kind of exchange. But this year, we have some great ideas to make buying and gifting the perfect present easy!

For the Gals

If you’re exchanging gifts with a group of girlfriends or casually acquainted ladies, you can’t go wrong with cozy-themed gifts. Home décor is always a great place to start – just remember to either stay neutral or go with a holiday theme if you don’t know the color scheme or style of the recipient’s home. Blankets and pillows are always a safe bet; try to find the softest, most huggable materials that you’d want to cozy up with. Cream, gray and tan work well with most decorating styles, or perhaps go for candy can red or forest green for the holidays. Candles are another crowd-pleaser. Find a great scent in a beautiful container for an easy and appreciated gift.

If you know the recipient well, you can find some great things for her to wear, even if you don’t know her exact size. Cardigans, PJs, beanies, scarves and slippers are all very popular gift ideas this holiday season. Again, look for soft materials, such as cotton, chenille, and Sherpa.

For the Guys

Men are notoriously hard to buy for, perhaps because most men say they want nothing, or they already have everything! So flip the script and go for something personal. What man wouldn’t love a new stainless steel cup. There are a variety of brands and sizes, from lowballs and coffee mugs to tumblers and bottles. Plus, you can personalize the color and add on their name, initials, or their favorite sports team. Or try a personalized keychain. You can get a traditional fob, or a sleek leather key organizer, where the keys discretely tuck in the leather loop.

For exchanges where personalization doesn’t make sense, electronics are always a big win. This year, you can find some great deals on wireless, Bluetooth, portable waterproof speakers. These are great for a guy who wants to sing in the shower or listen to tunes while at the swimming pool or floating down the river. Other ideas include mini flashlights, earbuds or smart plugs, which will turn things around your home (like coffee makers) into “smart devices” that can do tasks like turn on the lights.

For the Kiddos

With so many toys and gadgets to pick from, buying for a kid can also be a tough challenge. So we suggest sticking with classics and education-inspired items. Kids of all ages and genders love classic Legos. Books are always a thoughtful gift, and art supplies (nice paper, markers, paint, etc.) inspire creativity. You can also gift experiences, such as tickets to the zoo or gift cards to the movies or a local entertainment center with an arcade, bowling and more.