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Have a Party… and Use Our Catering Menu!

June 4, 2019

Hosting a party doesn’t have to be hard. Sipipa party trays make it easy! You can always order several pizzas or subs. But sometimes, you just need help filling in the smaller (and yet still important) details.

For example, if you have the main entrée and all the side dishes figured out, but don’t have time to mess with chopping veggies, order a Garden Salad Party Tray from us. It’s a simple sad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots, but it helps complete your meal in a fast (and healthy!) way.

Appetizers are another meal item that can get lost in the shuffle of party planning… but they are essential items for your guests to nibble on over the course of the party. Our Small Appetizer Party Tray comes with 24 wings, 12 cheese sticks and 12 mushrooms. If you are preparing for a bigger crowd, order the Large Appetizer Party Tray, which includes 24 wings, 25 cheese sticks, 24 fried mushrooms, 24 stuffed jalapenos.

Here are some other tips for hosting a party as great as the food you’re serving:

Create your “to do” list in advance. You don’t want to leave all the little details until the very last minute.
Clean up. The public areas of your house — or your yard, if you plan to have the party outside — need to by tidy and clean. Don’t forget to stock the bathroom with extra toilet paper and fresh hand towels. And for spaces that are off-limits during the party, turn off the lights and close the doors.
Delegate duties. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Ask other family members or close friends help out with certain tasks, such as being the greeter at the front door.
Keep it simple. You don’t need a ton of decorations. And summer parties are perfect for plastic cutlery and paper plates.
Let guests help themselves. Keeping with the easy theme, go for buffet style and let people graze and eat whenever they want to. There’s no need to interrupt the mix and mingle with a formal sit-down dinner. The same goes for drinks: have several options of easy drinks to grab (including water), and if you include cocktails, let your guests play bartender and mix their own drinks.
Make a playlist. A party needs energy, and if conversation ever dies down, you don’t want your party to suddenly be silent. Make a playlist ahead of time to keep the music going for hours.
Offer introductions. If everyone at your party doesn’t know each other, make sure to introduce others and quickly find common points of interest. It’s not your job to babysit at the party, but you want to save anyone standing around awkwardly.
Mingle. As the host/hostess, don’t get sucked into long conversations. Especially at the beginning of the party, try not to stay locked in one dialog for more than two minutes.