How to Overcome the Post‐Vacation Blues

January 5, 2018

When you get back from vacation, you should feel relaxed and rejuvenated. But as work emails pile up and the reality of real life sinks in, it’s easy for your stress to rise. And suddenly, instead of feeling happy and satisfied, you get a ho-hum feeling and negative emotions can take over as you feel post-vacation blues.

How do you maintain the sunny mindset you had on vacation while getting back into the groove at home? Here are some tips to keep the good vibes going.


Unpack and Do Laundry

If nothing else, do this: unpack your bags right away. It can be annoying or potentially even heartbreaking as you begin to remove all signs of your recent trip. But each day your suitcase sits in the corner of your bedroom is another day of delaying the inevitable.

Also, creating a mountain of dirty vacation clothes in your hamper is nearly as bad as leaving them in your suitcase. Take some time to do laundry and put away the ski clothes or bathing suits that serve as a painful reminder of where you were just a few days ago.


Eat Good Food at Home

Going out to eat can be a highlight of vacation, but your body may need a break from rich, heavy foods (or fast food eaten on the go). Start by cleaning out your fridge of funky leftovers and head to the grocery store to stock up on your regular essentials. Your body may be craving fruits and veggies, so give it what it needs.

Preparing a few healthy dinners at home is a great way to get routine back on track. But you can also try to re-create your favorite meal from your vacation. If you loved the deep-dish style of pizza in Chicago or the handmade pasta in Italy, try to make it at home.


Get Some Exercise

Some vacations are all about sitting on the beach and moving as little as possible. Other trips have you on your feet from dawn to dusk exploring a new place. Regardless, you can beat the post-vacation blues by releasing endorphins with physical activity. Go for a run, do some yoga or take a spinning class. A good workout will you of other ways to get a feel-good boost.


Organize Your Photos

Revisit vacation by finding photos of the most meaningful moments from your trip. You likely already shared photos via social media while on the trip, but now is the time to blog about your trip, make a photo album, create a vacation video or print some photos to frame.


Beat Jet Lag

Your body needs sleep, but you also need to get back into your normal sleep patterns. You can take short naps during the day or go to bed a little early, but the best way to fight jet lag is by going to bed as closely as possible to your normal time at home (taking sleep aids if necessary) and stay hydrated. Lack of sleep affects so many aspects of our lives. Waking up on the right side of the bed will help you ease back into healthy habits and alleviate jet lag.


Plan Your Next Trip

In the midst of sharing details of your trip with family and friends, and readjusting to regular life, make time to reflect on your trip and what you most enjoyed from the experience. And then start planning again! There’s no better cure a travel hangover than to get excited about the next awesome adventure to come.