Make Other People Happy with Delicious Pizza

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Make Other People Happy with Delicious Pizza

March 2, 2019

It’s true that being happy makes us feel good, but research shows happiness also makes us healthier, more productive and nicer to others. Happiness is best when it’s contagious and you make someone else feel happy as well.

Tomorrow is National I Want You to Be Happy Day, a celebration encouraging us to put a smile on someone’s face and do something to make others happy. There are a lot of ways to spread joy: express your gratitude, give a sincere compliment, send someone a sweet note, give a gift, perform a random act of kindness, offer your assistance or pay something forward. You can also give someone a hug, dance, send someone cookies, volunteer your time or take someone out to eat pizza.

If you agree sharing a meal is a great way to share happiness, then pizza is the way to. Studies have shown a relationship between happiness and pizza.

Pizza Makes You Happy
Participants in a research study conducted by St. Bonaventure University in New York had their moods measured as they drew foods with different levels of sugar and fat. The mood of those who drew pizza improved by 28%.

Another study examined the impact of the smell of pizza on happiness. At three pizza parties, each with eight pizza lovers and hidden cameras, facial recognition technology captured the emotions and reactions of their guests before, during and after pizza was cooked. The conclusions was the parties reached their highest level of joy when guests could smell the pizza baking in the oven.

Finally, the part of the brain that experiences pleasure contains dopamine-producing neurons that can be activated at the sight, smell and memory of food. For many people, pizza is pleasurable food, so your brain is engineered to want more. Pizza also contains tryptophan, an amino acid, which helps create serotonin, a neurotransmitter commonly referred to as the “happiness hormone” that has a significant effect on our general mood.

So do your part today and spread happiness. Make someone smile and do something nice by inviting someone you care about to enjoy pizza.