National Cheese Lover’s Day: Try These Five Cheesy Foods

January 19, 2018

If winter has you feeling bleu, don’t throw a feta — January 20th is a gouda time to celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day! There are more than 2,000 varieties of cheese available worldwide. Mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Cheddar, Gouda, Feta, Swiss and Brie are among the world’s most popular (and most consumed) cheeses.


Cheese-Filled Facts

The earliest record of cheese making dates back to somewhere between 8,000 and 5,500 BC in what is now Poland. The first cheese factory was established in 1815 in Switzerland, and successful mass production of cheese began in the United States in 1851.

Cheese production around the globe accounts for more than the combined worldwide production of coffee, tobacco, tea and cocoa beans. A whopping 20 million metric tons of cheese is produced each year worldwide, and production continues to increase with growing demand. Americans alone consume over 31 pounds of cheese per year.

Cheese is most flavorful at room temperature. And the world’s largest cheese was displayed on National Cheese Lover’s Day in 1964 at the New York World’s Fair, weighing in at over 34,000 pounds.


Sipipa Cheesy Favorites

Sipipa uses a variety of cheeses with our pizza, pasta, pitas, salads and subs. And we’re happy to add more cheese to any dish for free on National Cheese Lover’s Day! Try one of these dishes today:

  • Cheese Ravioli Alfredo — There’s no such thing as too much cheese. This dish combines cheese ravioli with creamy Alfredo sauce, a delicious duo to send you to taste bud heaven.
  • Cheese Tortellini Marinara — Our delicious cheese tortellini are made with three noodles (plain, sun dries tomato and spinach) and stuffed with a decadent mix of cheeses and spices.
  • Margherita Pizza — Made with fresh tomatoes, basil and a delicious blend of mozzarella, parmesan and spices, this house favorite matches the beautiful colors of the Italian flag.
  • Calzone — This turned over pizza features ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. You customize the filling and dunk it in a side of pizza sauce.
  • Peach Dream Salad — Fresh peaches top a bed of salad greens and are sprinkled with crunchy bacon, red onions and walnuts, but the best part is the savory feta cheese.