Nothing Beats Fresh — Welcome to the Sipipa Blog!

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Nothing Beats Fresh — Welcome to the Sipipa Blog!

August 21, 2017

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A lot of folks write food blogs. Some offer recipes. Others describe great dining experiences. All have a huge love for food. At Sipipa, our passion for food is SO great — we can’t help but share it with others! This blog will be as unique and diverse as our menu because we have a lot of great food-related stories to tell.

The Story Behind Sipipa

The Sipipa motto is “nothing beats fresh,” and across our six locations in the Greater Houston area, we promote that by serving truly delicious, flavorful food. Our business began in 1990 when Chef Ben combined his appetite for fresh, local food with a dedication to old-fashion Italian cooking.

As both our menu and mission have expanded, Chef Ben chose the new name Sipipa to honor our first 27 years of serving customers under the name Sicily Pizza and Pasta. Now, from stone baked pizza and fresh pasta — to salads, subs, pitas, wings and desserts — the flavor continues to speak for itself.

It’s All About the Food

At Sipipa, we serve filling, authentic dishes cooked to perfection. We use daily-made tomato sauce, real virgin olive oil, handmade meatballs, fresh vegetables and the most delicious blend of cheeses. And our website was built to make your mouth water.

While you’re here, check out the new Sipipa Menu and our in-depth descriptions for over 100 dishes served. For each item, you can click and scroll to see ingredients, photos, nutritional facts and allergen information. Our dedication to freshness and the finest ingredients is something we’re proud to share.

Fun Stuff Ahead

Within this blog, we will extend that passion for great food by sharing fresh ideas about tasty, easy and satisfying meals. We strive to improve eating habits, and plan to offer tips for enjoying healthy and seasonal foods on the go or at home. We also look forward to providing information about local food-related events and national food holidays.

Also, since food is an essential part of our daily lives, why not make it fun as well? In future posts, see how to make eating and cooking enjoyable! You’ll find more information about good food done right — without too much time spent in the kitchen. You see, we love making really beautiful, traditional Italian food with the freshest herbs and very best ingredients. But we also understand this fast-paced world and realize you sometimes need a quick and easy bite to eat. Thankfully, we have a lot of ideas for how to satisfy your hunger without skimping on taste or quality.

Thanks for reading our first blog post! And please come back every week as we continue to celebrate fresh, scrumptious, satisfying food.