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Place Your Order to Celebrate National Sausage Pizza Day

October 11, 2019

Yesterday, Oct. 11, was National Sausage Pizza Day. And while it was observed as a favorite holiday of pizza lovers across the country, we think it’s appropriate to celebrate today and every day! Sausage pizza is the second most popular pizza in the United States, ahead of cheese pizza and right before the long-reigning front-runner, pepperoni pizza.

Since 1987, October has been National Pizza Month. Pizza has become one of America’s favorite meals, and the facts are pretty impressive:

• 93% of Americans eat at least one pizza every month.
• About 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second in the United States.
• More than 2 billion pounds of pizza cheese are produced each year.
• The most pizzas are delivered and consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve and Super Bowl Sunday.
• Kids between the ages of 3 to 11 prefer pizza over all other food groups for lunch and dinner.
• Anchovies are one of the least popular pizza toppings in the United States.

For sausage pizza, perhaps more so than other ingredients, it’s really important to make sure it’s done right. For starts, there are a huge variance in Italian style sausages, from mild and sweet to hot and spicy. Some restaurants use crumbles, coarse-ground or patty sausage, but we only hand-pinch our spicy sausage to ensure it is cooked evenly and thoroughly.. Also, we take into account the best fat-lean ratio so that you have a great flavor without too much grease.

At Sipipa, you can always create your own pizza, or get a single-topping pizza with sausage. But these four specialty pizzas came with plenty of Italian sausage to enjoy.

American Pizza
For true Americans, this is the best combination of pizza toppings ever! From spicy, hand-pinched Italian sausage and freshly sliced mushrooms, to tasty pepperonis and extra creamy mozzarella cheese, this is the pizza for you. We only use the best, most fresh ingredients, and this one is always a crowd pleaser.

Meat Amore Pizza
We were inspired by meat lovers to create the perfect treat. It has spicy Italian sausage, real pepperoni, our signature beef, juicy ham and Canadian bacon. All these tasty meats are piled onto our traditionally baked crust that features a secret blend of spices, and covered in mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

Deluxe Pizza
This is one of my favorites. When I invented this pizza, I Our Chef Ben was so impressed with a similar pizza in the small Italian town of Verona that he created his own version. The crispy crust is covered with our freshly made sauce and features a perfect balance toppings: three meats and three veggies. The meats are our spicy Italian sausage, beef and tasty pepperonis. Then we add fresh mushrooms, sliced onions and delicious green bell peppers and creamy mozzarella cheese. But it’s not just the toppings — you’ll also taste fresh garlic, basil, oregano, ripe tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil in the sauce.

Super Deluxe Pizza
Our super supreme has a jaw-dropping eight great toppings, and we guarantee you’ll be able to taste the freshness and quality in this pizza. It’s very similar the Deluxe Pizza and includes sausage, but we’ve added in Canadian bacon and black olives as well. Like all our pizzas, it’s finished up in an old-fashioned oven on hot slab of stone.