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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth On National Caramel Day

April 4, 2019

Caramel is such a delicious, unique treat that an entire day has been created to celebrate its sweet, rich, chewiness. That’s right — it’s National Caramel Day! Each year, on April 5th, people all over the U.S. pay tribute to caramel, whether through baking, buying desserts at the store, or going out for a tempting snack.

To honor this fan-favorite dessert, Sipipa is introducing our one-of-a-kind turtle cheesecake, a delectable treat with a soft cheesecake base and gooey caramel, topped with crunchy pecans and rich chocolate chips. Paired with a piping hot cup of coffee or post-dinner glass of red wine, this is a delicious dessert you won’t want to miss out on.

Caramel Origin Story

One of the trickiest desserts for skilled bakers to master, caramel is made out of a variety of sugars and cream. The main ingredients for caramel include sugar, milk, condensed milk, corn syrup, molasses, oil, and butter, depending on the type you want to make. While the exact origin of caramel is unknown, it is believed that early Americans began making their own hard candies in kettles around 1650. What we consider caramel today, however, was created in the 1880s.

What makes caramel so unique and versatile is how many ways it can be made. You might top your ice cream with gooey caramel sauce or munch on a chewy caramel candy. Some people love hard caramel candies while others prefer flan for dessert. Those who enjoy nuts in their candy may be drawn toward pralines or caramel peanut brittle. You can even try crème brûlée or crème caramel — the combinations are endless.

At Sipipa, we truly appreciate what caramel can add to a dessert. Before you try our delicious turtle cheesecake, here are some exciting caramel facts to think about:

  • When refined sugar was hard to find or afford, early American settlers turned to sugar beet juice as a simple substitute.
  • Caramel apples were accidentally created by Kraft employee Dan Walker, who tried experimenting with leftover Halloween candy and various fruits.
  • The word “caramel” comes from the Spanish word “carmelo” and is believed to be derived from Latin.
  • Turtles® brand chocolate and caramel covered pecans were created by Johnson’s Candy Company in 1918. They were meant to be shapeless, but when a candy dipper mentioned they look like turtles, the company decided to stick with a distinctly turtle-shaped mold.
  • Caramel sauce is so tricky for even professional bakers to get right that chemists have been known to study its chemical structure in great detail.

It’s hard to create a dessert that everybody likes. Fortunately, caramel comes in so many different forms and pairs well with just about any flavor that it’s become a sweet treat beloved by all.